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White Wings Group

White Wings Group is a unique name that has developed land for luxurious and comfortable Residence, Commercial as well as land development in the City Surat and its surroundings. The group has experience of more than a decade in the construction area with timely innovations, meticulous planning, constant updating of Methodologies and acquisition of the latest equipment’s and infrastructural techniques. Since its inception, the group has evolved to achieve trust and reputation of rank in the industry with its bestin-class development projects. Thriving on its core values of trust, quality, expertise and integrity, it has several prestigious projects in the residential and commercial domain to its credit.
The group has always been the defining catalyst for class and sophistication with green landscaped gardens, splendid amenities and luxurious entertainment avenues. The group surely has a strong reputation for designing a lifestyle that soothes the heart and enriches the soul.
White Wings Torrance is the 1st building in Surat to get Pre-certified Platinum Green Building Certificate from Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) (CII) - IGBC Green Homes Rating System.

Our Mission

Innovation ideas with quality construction for residence & commercial project at the best prices of customer.

Our Vision

While Mankind is busy exploring the Universe todiscover new living Environment on Moon & Mars. we at White Wings Grouphave been devoted ourselves in making the Earth a better place to live & grow.

Our Team

Our team is proactive in every aspect of customer satisfaction. We strive to achieve the highest degree of technical excellence while maintaining the best business practices in all our endeavous.We put efforts to make your dreams come true.

Who we are and What we do Professionally managed Real Estate Group, started its activity by the Row House Construction in dazzling city Surat. For the last many years, the group has undertaken and developed some of the prestigious Projects in the Diamond City Surat. The Group is committed to excellent quality and aesthetic constructions at affordable prices comparable to prevailing market trends. The Projects meet high safety standards and each project planned, managed and executed with innovative designs, structures, modern and new amenities with timely deliveries of the projects within time schedules. We introduced Flat Slab in the living, kitchen and dining area in our Residential projects. The team is proactive in every aspect of customer satisfaction. Group strive to achieve the highest degree of technical excellence while maintaining the best business practices in all the endeavours and put efforts to make the individual’s dreams come true.


  • Our architect - Sanjay Josshi of Black ink.
  • Our structures are designed by Shanghvi & Associates who have expirence of desgining 3000 + projects in India and worldwide.
  • Sycone is our EP(electric & plumbing) consultant, there is no such local practice.
  • We are using higher concrete grades of M:25 for higher compressive strength of structural member compared to M:20 of local practice.
  • We are using higher-grade steel of FE-500 for higher ductility of structural members against earthquake compared to FE-415 normal practice.
  • Step designing of footing for proper compaction of concrete.
  • Top-bottom double mesh of steel in footing for higher stability of building against settling.
  • Huge raft type footing at the center for centralizing all loads those are coming on the building.
  • Ring building in columns for tight grips to the main steel.
  • Compulsory minimum 9” beam width as per IS standards for good quality of concrete.
  • Flat slab design in living, dining & kitchen area to avoid column beam offsets & to get maximum usable area & clear height.
  • 1” excess concrete cover to the column steel to save from rusting under the soil.
  • Double coat water proofing inside and outside of underground water tank to save water from getting contaminated.
  • Black plastic sheet on soil before concrete to protect concrete contamination.
  • PTSI technology used wherever required to reduce the beam size and avoid columns.